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Who We Are

<strong>&#160;Confidentiality. Family. Relationships.</strong>

 Confidentiality. Family. Relationships.

What we believe drives everything we do as an independent financial planning and investment management firm.

<strong>Our Mission</strong>

Our Mission

To provide exceptionally crafted and personalized strategies that consider the present, as well as the unpredictability of the future, in order to better equip you to make informed financial decisions that can lead to the achievement of your goals and the fulfillment of your needs.

<strong>Our Philosophy</strong>

Our Philosophy

We have found that most advisors think of financial planning as a one-time event. They prepare an elaborate plan, which in many cases, is obsolete by the time it is implemented. To make matters worse, these plans are rarely reviewed or revised after the fact.

Critical Financial Events

Critical Financial Events

At Sherman Private Wealth Management, we do things differently. Our philosophy as a firm follows a concept known as Critical Financial Events.

Critical Financial Events are defined as anything that may pertain to, or affect, your current and future financial life. They can include retirement, legacy planning, education planning, charitable giving, and more.

Critical Financial Events are sometimes predictable and planned, but can often be random and unforeseen. Regardless, these events are profoundly impactful on the lives of the people they affect.

Separating the Successful Strategy from the Struggling Strategy

Separating the Successful Strategy from the Struggling Strategy

At Sherman Private Wealth Management, we believe that your life will have its own pattern of Critical Financial Events. We design strategies that seek to anticipate these future events, and equip you to navigate through them as they occur. Our Critical Financial Events philosophy to financial planning aims to lead to greater happiness, financial confidence, and overall success.

We will face adversity in any financial plan, that is certain. We have found how you react to it, is what separates the successful strategy, from the struggling strategy. Our purpose as your advisor is to cushion the effects of the Critical Financial Events in your life, so you can stay on track and reach your financial goals.

Give us a call today, and let’s work together to define and understand your goals, objectives, and current circumstances. With our knowledge and expertise, we will create a plan and develop a long-term relationship that addresses your Critical Financial Events, and encourages confidence and understanding.

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